Sunday, February 3

I Love Lists

Therefore, I love to tag myself when other people post fun lists.
So here I go again.

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

1. Jesus
2. Special Ed kids
3. My friends
4. God's plan for my life
5. Creativity
6. Urban Outfitters
7. Food
8. Photography & graphic design (of others)

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Go on a missions trip out of North America
2. Dye my hair
3. Get married and have kids
4. Visit Uganda and meet the Beatrice (the girl i sponsor)
5. Change at least one life
6. Travel to Europe
7. Play Varsity water polo
8. Graduate college and have a career I love

8 things I say often:
1. Oh, dear
2. Que hora es?
3. That's bizarre
4. I really don't want to go to practice
5. Do you want to give me some of that?
6. Let's all calm down
7. Let's go get ice cream
8. I want lasagna

8 TV shows you recently watched
1. America's Next Top Model
2. John and Kate Plus 8
3. Full House
4. Take Home Chef
5. Rachael Ray
6. The Tyra Banks Show
7. Dog Whisperer
8. Project Runway

8 Artists I never tire of listening to:
1. Ingrid Michaelson
2. The Jonas Brothers (embarrassing)
3. Feist
4. A Fine Frenzy
5. The Alternate Routes
6. Norah Jones
7. Beethoven
8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Soundtrack

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. Banter-Ability/Humor
2. Honesty
3. Not thinking they're cool
4. They think I'm funny
5. Love of Food
6. Forgiving
7. Ability to laugh at themselves
8. Bizarreness

8 Things I learned in 2007: (except I want to do 15, so I will)
1. I can't live life without God
2. Life isn't perfect
3. I can actually be athletic
4. Self-control is really important
5. If God loves everyone, I should too
6. I really like my family (actually, I always knew that)
7. People will let you down
8. High school lunches are boring
9. Devotions can't be put on the back burner
10. Just because my friends do something doesn't make it right
11. I really want to dye my hair brown
12. I can be good at subjects I hate, if I try
13. TV takes up too much of your time (but it's so great)
14. God has a plan for me, and reveals it to me daily
15. Life is so much easier with God by your side every second

[I tag you, reading this]


Anonymous said...

but heather...
i don't really think you're funny...
i agree with everything else though


Anonymous said...

i dont think ive ever really heard you say the phrase "lets go get ice cream." its more like "COT, anyone?"

heather said...

thats true.
but i say it when i am with mi familia.

Maxdoggie said...

good job with the list. i think that i MAY do one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, how about a list of your favorite relatives - and maybe I would finally be on one of your lists??? love ya GRA MA