Wednesday, February 13


Today in history, our sub Mr. Andrew brought us kumquats
(because he felt like it, sweet thing)
and I was eating mine.

Now if you have never had one, know this:
they are SUUUUPER sour. Like, BEYOND sour.
Worse than a lemon.

So I am frantically chewing it and like my eyes are watering.
And I like open my mouth and then
a huge drool comes out of my mouth
and like oozes out onto the carpet and onto my hands.

Mind you: there was like twenty people watching.
And these girls were just like "...ew...."
And i really didn't know what to say.

Super embarrassing, I drooled in public.

But it was more than drool.
It was like gathering up spit for like minute, then letting it drool out.



Alli Hibb said...

Oh, so embarrassing...and also awesome! I love how many times you will tell this story! For the rest of your life!

Maxdoggie said...

How embarrassing! but, still one day you will remember this day and laugh about it with your friends. =)

Anonymous said...

no. your jacuzzi is amazing. i've never felt my face this soft. i won't stop touching my chin and there's nothin you can do about it!

jayy said...

this is gross..
but so amaziing (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Now you have passed up Alfie in something! Your former dentist, Steve Wedan, says that your grandpa is the drooliest patient he has and that's not a record that a person wants to be known for!

love ya,
gr ma