Wednesday, February 6

Excellent Quotes from the Past Couple of Days

>>You can STOP. Okay? -Mrs. Farley, to Joanna

>>You're like a punk Britney Spears!! -Chauna Goldberg

>>It's called DEDUCTING. -Mrs. Tapia

>>Danya like, waddles. -Mr. Sautner

>>I am an MUN addict. -Isadora Lamego

>>What's your life theme song? -Yours Truly
...Everybody Dance Now. -Isadora Lamego

>>You're 891 million off. -Heather Leith, when Mrs. Farley told us that the number of Hindus in the world was 9 million, then decided it was really 900 million.

>>Oh, is it nine accrosst?
-Mrs. Farley
No, but it's nine ACROSS. -Heather Leith in her mind

>>I dubiously read the Qu'ran. -JP Prezziosi

>>'re slapping me with your microphone. -Isadora Lamego

>>Keithy, you're gonna be my valentine! -Jezaniah

>>I don't go to the bathroom with boys. -Muah

>>Excuse me? You just sat on my corndog. -Heather Leithal


Anonymous said...

JPP! ..." A-laan..." oh good times good times

Maxdoggie said...

brilliant, Heather. I couldn't stop laughing!!! =)

Anonymous said...

You still get my vote for "Funniest Leith Family Member," no matter what Ryan says.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.