Saturday, February 23

So tired.

We had an "Intrasquad Swim Meet" today...which is code word for we raced each other for the purpose of timing.

Awkward moment:
Right before I was about to go for like freestyle or something, I was like swinging my arms like a windmill to warm them up, and my arm SMACKED this guy behind me...and I turned around, and it was this guy Steve-O from my drama class (with whom I have already had numerous awkward moments). And I just like gasped and was like "Sorry!" and he is like this stereotypical loud blonde surfer, and he was just like "Aww...sorry..."

It was just completely uncomfortable. And he was in a Speedo and I in a one piece.

Good times. Love being at school at 7:00 on a Saturday in the bitter cold.

Oh, P.S.



Katie said...

Hooray! Four hundred! That is really awkward. it reminds me of some guy in my class. :-P

Alli Hibb said...

400! Way to go!! Keep it up, you're great at it!