Thursday, September 13


Please enjoy this little number from Advanced Drama last year....I MISS IT SO MUCH!

I am so gangly.

I also love this's actually a true story. Oh, and when we all stop screaming, Joanna says "Ohwait, that's not him..."
There is a random part from another skit in here...that's okay, though.

And last but not least...this video from 7th grade. I look like a little girl.


{zeinahkara] said...

i couldnt even watch the last one thats how embarrassed i am.

but the AI AI AI AI one is hilarious. did Sue really say "Holla!" thats just embarrasing.

{zeinahkara] said...

and if you hear screaming in the backround after its over, thats me and rachel cheering you guys on.

Kayla.Rae said...

I love your mom talking in the background of the drama videos, so funny!

heatherleith! said...

hah i wish it was my mom...but it's not.