Sunday, September 2


This weekend was choir in BIG CHURCH...lot of fun. I am so tired.

In the greenroom...
nice face jessie.
there's this random wheelchair that's always there...i'm tellin' ya, when i get old and can't walk, i am getting the HoverRound. It is so versatile. But I accidentally made a hole in the wall.
There was this backdrop hanging in the greenroom. So we took prom-like pictures.
tallest and shortest
the olsen twins (haha.)

making the couples feel awkward.
canadian canadian asian

my artistic bag

nice face, krista.


Christy said...

WONDERFUL! I loved this weekend..and I LOVE the fact that I am your first comment on it!!

Anonymous said...

that looks really fun. love the prom pictures.

someday some of ours will turn out like that...

Jordan said...

ohh look at that picture you took of me and how you were trying to make it look really creative and artistic...well i think you did.

nice job miss leith :)

Mel East said...

sooooooooooooo much fun best weekend ever! said...

Erg for the piano picture..ahahaha. amazing weekend

jennifer said...

that was so fun!and the pic of jessie and taylor my favorite!hahahah that was funny!