Saturday, September 1

Extremely Fun Day.

I know the stereotypical "What I Did Today" blog is generally a snoozer,


Freshman Orientation.
I would like to use the same words as Rachel--

I dragged myself out of bed early in the morn and got to Trabuco at 8:00. After putting a buttload of books in my locker, I joined up with Zeinah and Rachel, and we trapezed into the gym. There was like a billion Link Crew people there, including
Jason Leith
Nikki Adams
David Ulrich
Colton Harker (Uncomfortably Popular)
Sam Patla
Tommy Yin
et cetera.

First we had to play some boring games and listen to an inspirational speech, but THEN we played Bear Hunter Trapper. My first partner was an introverted boy, but then I teamed up with Jason, Jackie, and Jackie's friend. We basically dominated.

Then we had to go into groups based on the number on our nametags. But who follows the rules? No one. So Jason, Jackie, Uncomfortably Popular, Rachel, Zeinah, and I formed our own group, then joined Sam's group...the total was 5 Freshman and like 13 leaders. We paraded into Mrs. Marietta's air conditioned classroom, where all the leaders asked us Awkward Questions (What is one thing you hate about yourself? What is one thing you think is amazing about yourself?) and we passed around an English book and just talked about ourselves (sounds boring, but everyone was really funny.)

There was this one girl who looked totally shy, but then she talked about herself for like 10 minutes. Then there was a girl who has a goat named Little Star and a lizard named Clyde.

Uncomfortably Popular: So, this is awkward, but I'm you use the goat for milk?
Girl: It's a boy...
Uncomfortably Popular: Oh.

So after we were in the classroom for a while, we took a brief tour, but Jason, Colton, and Jackie were the only remaining leaders, so we stealthily drove to Taco Bell. But it was really confusing...Jason went in and ordered, Colton went through the drive-thru, and Jackie left. But we all ended up eating there and heading back to the gym.

After another boring "inspirational" speech, Jason took Zeinah, Rachel and I over to CHERRY ON TOP, where we each got like five 2 ounce samples without paying a penny. DELISH!

My madre then took us to Melissa's house. But she was sleeping, so she was delusional and tired. We decided to make a Greek Mythology Video for Mr. Giraud, our drama teacher last year. It was entitled- True E! Hollywood Story: Aphrodite.

The parts/costumes were as follows:
Rachel- Host. Black velvet child's dress, tangled black wig, hot pink platforms, red lipstick.
Zeinah- Aphrodite. Pink tutu, pink boa, pink wings, pink makeup.
Heather- Hephaestus, her lover. Cow costume, coonskin cap, white face, black spots.
Melissa- Bronze Superman, aka Ares, Aphrodite's SECRET lover. Child's Superman costume, 12 pounds of bronzer.

It took us all afternoon, but we are very proud of our accurate, yet hilarious work. I'll try to post it when I finish editing it. We are going to give it to Mr. Giraud so he can show his class.

Then we enjoyed a delicious Lumberjack's dinner, and proceeded to watch humiliating home videos from 6th grade AND 8th grade. EMBARRRRRASSING.

This is Heather, over and out.


danya genevieve said...

i truly wish i was in the greek myth video.

Anonymous said...

i want to be there when we give it to Mr. Giroud! i wish we could be in the classroom when he shows it to the class too.

joanna (: said...


Anonymous said...

heather we cant edit it
but my mom said we can just delete stuff. so i can get rid of the bad parts but we cant add effects and stuff cuz we dont have a cord for the computer and we have NO clue what to do. but i rewatched it. it was sooooo funny! i think we should go to gdawg this week like before school starts and hes there
cuz we have cross country till 5 everyday and if we go early hell be alone so we can just be bizarre and no ones there.

rachel kalei. said...

i should have gotten my whole post copy righted. cause you used a couple of my words. ahhhhh whatever! you just have to smooch my tosies and it will make me feel better.

Anonymous said...


Do mine too!

Jordan said...

oh i love those days where you are constantly busy and having just cannot get better, can it?