Wednesday, September 26

How come you lost your ginger snaps?

Setting--Math Class
Characters--Heather (freshman)
Chadd (junior)
Gangsta (??)

Action-- (whole scene done in whispers- Mr. Bromberg hates talking.)

Chadd: I am going to draw you a maze. It will be impossible.
Heather: Okay.
Chadd: Have you ever played this game? Where you draw a maze and the other person has to get out of it?
Heather: No...
Chadd: Really? I do it all the time. I'm so good. You won't be able to get out.
Heather: Wow, I'm pretty nervous.
Chadd: You have to pay me though.
Heather: Alright...(searches backpack) I offer you...two ginger snaps.
Chadd: Okay. (continues drawing giant, complex maze with like 5 entrances. After five minutes...) Alright, I'm done. You have two minutes.
Heather: Kay. Where do I start?
Chadd: In this chute right here.
Heather: Okay.
Chadd: Ready?
Heather: Yeah.
Chadd: Okay...GO!
Heather: (works through maze. it is really hard.) Ahhhh this is tricked me! There's no way out!
Chadd: No, there is, I promise. Your two minutes is up! Here, I'll show you...
Heather: Ohhh, I see. Well, enjoy those ginger snaps.
Chadd: I will.

After class:
Heather: You'd better make another one tomorrow...I'll bring more ginger snaps.
Chadd: Okay, I will. Hey, if anyone wants to do this have to pay me, but if you win, I'll double your money!
Gangsta: (examines maze) No way, dawg, there's no way out.
Heather: No, there is. He showed me. There's a way out.
Gangsta: Then how come you lost your ginga snaps?

That phrase coming from a gangsta made my day. come you lost your ginga snaps?


rachel kalei. said...

ahh! i love love love. i am currently having squiggles with us and reminiscing. said...

what's a ginger snap..?