Friday, September 28

Mmmm, I'm so warm....NOT.

Freezing cold day + rain + {water polo} = SO COLD.

But I learned how to tread water today! The right way!

Yesterday, we did this drills where you held a weighted ball above your head and treaded water across the pool...I couldn't really do it.
But then we had to throw the ball across the length of the pool...oh wait, couldn't really do that either.


Anonymous said...


i am only an addict to water polo. is that all right?

but i did't think that the water was cold. at all. only when we got out and showed off our chlorine-reeking bodies to the whole of THHS was i really cold.

Anonymous said...

{and i really really need to practice eggbeater. i hope you will accompany me.} :)

rachel kalei. said...

all i can say is that:
the rush that water polo gives me is


Anonymous said...

"hi everyone, I'm Zeinah, and I'm a water polo addict"

but its true

heatherleith! said...

absolutely legit. its addicting. the freezing-ness and christmas break practices make it that much better.