Sunday, September 23


sometimes we hurt people without realizing it.
sometimes we don't really understand how much we mean to someone.
sometimes we carelessly blow someone off, without knowing that it really hit them hard.
sometimes we need to reach out to everyone we come in contact with, because God loves all of them.
sometimes we need to apologize for our carelessness.
sometimes we need to just leave it up to Him.

this probably only makes sense to me.
but i hope
you enjoyed it.


{zeinahkara] said...

i enjoyed it and i think i understood it and it is utterly and completely true and people need to read this and i really appreciate it. a lot.

Rachel Styffe said...

heather i admire you in so many ways- this just might be one of them.

rachel kalei. said...

sometimes I am in love with Heather Leith

no wait, it's all the time.

danya said...

heather, i really believe this and think i understand.
also your song is wonderful

mkr mouse said...

that's very pretty....

sorry, you don't really know me because I only met you once. :P

(but your blog's really neat :) )