Monday, March 26


...has ended. Last night wad the finale of my obsession, Grease: You're the One That I Want. If you are stupid and don't watch, it is a show where contestants are competing to win the roles of Sandy and Danny Zuko on Broadway for Grease. The contestants sing a non-Grease song each week, and are judged by judges. You have to call and vote to keep your favorite Danny and Sandy on the show! The always do group numbers (Grease songs) and the show is PHENOMENAL. I have even been to a taping of the show with my friends- read about it here. Okay. So. Grease: YTOTIW is my obsession. And last night, I went to Danya's house to watch it with her and Melissa. I got pumped up by wearing colors representing the remaining two Dannys and the remaining two Sandys (they each have their own color that they wear every week).
Max is my favorite contestant- and his color is orange. Hence. the orange shirt.

So I headed on over to Danya's house. We made signs- we were SO EXCITED!!And hey, guess what? MY FAVORITE DANNY AND SANDY WONNN!!!

Laura and Max
are DANNY and SANDY!

SO now the show is over and I am sooo sad.
If you have never watched it- go the the Grease website...


Shannon said...

nice nice nice nice nice type treatment at the bottom.

heather.christianne said...

hah thanks it was inspired by a girl i like to call YOU.

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

jonjeh wishes she was there. but jonjeh scream and enjoy anyways.

max crumm is the object of my flowerchildness.

Elise B. said...

i tried watching that show... i found it kind of like a wannabee american idol/talent show... i am sorry i tried like 10 times but i just wasn't interesting. (sorry)

Elise B. said...

i say sorry too much... (see above comment)

E.Money said...

you are positively the coolest. :)