Saturday, March 10

Frolicking In A Nutshell: Thespians on Parade

These pictures came up when I searched on Google "frolicking" "nutshell" "thespians" and "parade." So odd.
The title of this post was the eccentric title of last night's Advanced Drama skits, which my little Sugarplum, Joanna, was in. It was at 6:00, but Rachel, Melissa, Joanna and I started our adventures right after school.

First we went to the park and frolicked around in the grass. We played Tag. It was so much fun.

Then we headed off to TGI Fridays, restaurant of the champions. We were asked to quiet down within 20 minutes of sitting down. But what would you expect from such a group of chicas??

After that, we went to Borders, our favorite hangout spot (no joke), and read magazines and listened to music. I, however, was busy hyperventilating and getting dizzy from reading this really scary story in Seventeen. Lesson Learned: Never read a story entitled "They Killed A Homeless Man For Fun." You will get sick.

Hark, it is 5:30. So we skip on down to the school. I am filming the wonderful event for the morning announcements. But it was really hard to keep my hand steady. Oh well. The skits were pretty good. Anything Joanna was in was really funny. We were all like proud mothers, watching our little Junna up there under those lights.

There were some REALLY funny skits. And then there were some that made no sense. Oh well.

But it sucked because during the 8:00 show (we stayed for both), I developed a huge headache. So I couldn't scream and be crazy for Joanna. Oh well.


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