Monday, March 19

My Favorite Class... Peer Tutoring, where me and 7 other girls aide for the Special Ed class when they go to Home Ec. It is so much fun. We cook simple things like cookies and Easy Mac, and make crafts like fleece pillows and recipe files. Simple, fun stuff. I really enjoy working with the kids, and found out I may want to be a Special Ed teacher later on in life. They are just all so sweet and so intelligent, even though they are all severely handicapped. They always come running up to me when they see me at lunch, and latch onto me and hold my hand. Some of them are really fun and outgoing, while some of them just keep their head down and can't talk or write. I love how they all have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The last day was on Friday- I will miss it so much!

Adrian... the cuuuttteeest little favorite. He always hugs me for like 20 seconds when he sees me.

Nathan...doesn't talk, write, or smile much. When he does smile and say "hi" though, it is really exciting.

Megan is in the brown standing up, Amy is the one in the pink, and the one in the back is an aide.

An apron made for me by the three kids at my table...they were so excited to give it to me!

When I pulled out my camera Amy was like "Here, me and Alex, me and Alex!"

Ethan and Danielle (aide)

Pippa (doing the pose she does all the time)

Kyra (right) and Andrew (left, with me) have a "Thing" going. : )

Danielle. My fellow aide.

My Table...Danielle, Shervin, Ethan, Me, Megan


E.Money said...

that is SO awesome that you do this!! how fun!! :)

and thanks for making me feel better about my bowling skills. :)

Short Blonde Freckled One said...

hehe i love the pictures heatehr very nicE1 by the way this is erin! hehe! just to let you know! but anywyas! I love the pictures! hehe! bye!

Mel East said...

thats so cool I know that girl meagan I think her name is she was on my sisters baseball team

Kendra said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment back but I have been really busy and didn't notice I got a comment. Well hi I do go to RSM and I see you on the morning announcements (I think I spelled that wrong)So hi.I'm Kendra

heather.christianne said...

hi, kendra who?

rochelle said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE THESE KIDS!!! they are seriously my life now. sooo cute. i definently agree about their personalities. sooo cute.