Sunday, March 25

Sun From Shadow Pictures

My sister took some amazing pictures of Sun From Shadow at a laundromat for their EP...none of which they are using. Ridiculous!! Anyway. Here are my favorites.

I lovelovelove SFS. Be sure to come to their concert this Friday at the Vault!
Visit their Myspace or their PureVolume.


Shannon said...

Ha-- good thing the shoot only took us 20 minutes. ;)

Shannon said...

when's your spring break? come over! well, i'm really really busy with projects, but maybe we could find a date that would work.

let me know!

rochelle said...

WAHOO!! SFS!!! i love this band. im their manager. im going to the concert. be there or be triangular

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

i am in love. the EP will be incredible. i have a feeling in my Jonjeh.