Monday, March 5

The Reason I have Not Been Blogging.... because I was at winter camp! It was phenomenal. The FABB Joanna Chiang accompanied me on this amazing quest to the mountains. Location: Long Beach Lounge, Room 5. People: The Amazing JPizzle, Joanna, Rachel Styffinator, Mel and Shell, Katie, Erin, Bree, and our two adopted cabin members- Ariel and Taylor. So basically, winter camp = love. JP let us do whatever we wanted. Allow me to sum up our chock full weekend in bullets. (or pluses, rather.)

+ On the bus, we had some amazing sing alongs, including many Summer Spectacular songs and some random ones. Joanna and I had our own Grease sing along.
+ I played this game in chapel where there was two plungers taped together, handle to handle, with a string dangling with a washer at the end. I, along with this random guy, had to swing my head around awkwardly and try to wrap the string + washer around the plunger handles. It was super hard. Random Guy and I lost.
+ Joanna and I tried to sign up for paintballing. However, we heard a cruel rumor that the paintballs were frozen, so we opted for the ropes course instead. (this rumor was false.)
+ Ropes course. Funfunfun. We climbed up a rock wall, then went down a zip line. I went upside down. Joanna attempted this, but forgot to wrap her legs around the rope, so she kept going and did an awkward half-somersault.
+ Joanna and I spent an amazing five straight hours in the craft cabin. We made lanyards and keychains. And a special surprise that I cannot mention in this post, for fear that the person whom we made the surprise for may read this.
+ We got very frustrated with Katherine the Craft Lady. She was supposed to teach us how to make a twisty lanyard, yet was distracted for a very long time helping helpless campers with various projects. We waited for an accumulation of an hour for Katherine the Craft Lady.
+ We had a dancing party in our room with the lovely Mary. This included dancing to My Humps, Fergalicious, SOS, and many other jam out songs. Mary wore my hot pink ski pants during this time, whilst I wore footie pajamas. Even Katie had some rad moves- disco pointing thing, peace signs over the eyes... this is BIG for our timid Katie.
+ There was some DRAMA in the LB(L.) This was all because of our comrades in room 6 were plastic/goth/cool people. This drama including some hanging of thongs and bras around Long Beach Lounge. Long story.
+ Erin and JP and I decorated our cabin at 2:30 in the morning for Rachel's birthday. We blew up 30 balloons in the bathroom. At 2:30 in the morning. However, Rachel woke up and saw us, but kept her eyes closed so it would be a surprise.
+ Joanna and I bonded. We took ugly pictures, walked through the Pit of Despair, had snowball fights, hung out in the Malt Shop, started a lanyard club, and had some fun with Jonjeh. We also bruised our tailbones sledding down an AMAZINGLY BIG hill.

The weekend flew by. There is so much more to tell, but I have homework. Bleh.


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