Sunday, March 25

Iron Chefs

What you are viewing here is two Iron Chefs. Why are we Iron Chefs, you ask?
Because Melissa Cripe and Heather Leith make a mean Easy Bake cake + cookies.

We were just looking in Melissa's garage for a craft to do. We were feeling creative. But HARK! What do we find? An Easy Bake Oven from 1997! YESS! Inside the dusty box, we found four little mixes- yellow cake, chocolate frosting, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. We got right down to business.After some hard labor, this was our product:
That's right. The yellow and brown blob on the right is a sugar cookie with chocolate frosting. The Beauty in the middle is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And the pile on the left WAS a chocolate chip cookie that the Iron Chefs so masterly shaped into a star, but Iron Chef Number One's dog ate it.

Anytime you need some catering for a know who to call.


rochelle said...

oh. im embarassed.

rochelle said...

that actually looks really gross. we have better ones whilts autumn and carson and lukie were sleeping.

E.Money said...

i got an Easy Bake Oven when I was 10..and then I broke it the first time I tried to use it. Evidently you aren't supposed to leave the rubber spatula in the oven or it "melts"...