Tuesday, July 1

hello there.

going to get up at 6:10 tomorrow
for summer school...
i really really wish it was over.
but at the same time
it's super fun.

i won a race today while we were swimming
meaning that my whole team didn't have to do an extra lap. it was victorious.
swim team paid off...

my dad is leaving for india tomorrow
to join my brother.
and my other brother is leaving for mexico soon...
and my sister is in malawi, africa.

that is 4/7 of the leith family gone!
what will i do??

this post has no point?


Anonymous said...

this looks oddly familiar....

wasnt this just your bulletin on myspace?

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, good to hear that your summer school is better - does it have anything to do with the weather? Is it cooler by now? HOPE SO! Good for the win in the swimming! love you, gr ma

Katie said...

if you're lonely, u can chat w/me, if u want. =D i have a cell phone now, but no texting. check it out on my blog!!!!