Monday, July 7

Happy 500th Post!

i have been blogging for 19 months.
that is an average of 26.315789 posts per month.

5 Things That Have Changed Since My First Blog Post on January 24, 2007

5 i entered high school, go team.
4 i blog less and less frequently...?
3 i tried three sports- track, water polo, and swimming- and am not continuing with any of them.
2 i changed my layout, header, and picture approximately 212 times.
1 i don't look like this anymore. thank the lord.ew. ew. ew. gag me. braces....ohhhh, shudder. remember the day i got them off? oh, i do.


Anonymous said...

hi Heather, Great going! I, for one, really ENJOY reading your blogs. You have a way of making them delightful, so keep it up! love ya, GR MA

Katie said...

Happy 500th Post! =D WOW! You've definitely changed a lot! =D