Thursday, July 10


it's over.
summer school ended with a bang- we went on a grueling three hour, 7 mile walk.
fun right?
yeah. not really.
after that, we did our regular nap and exercise time, then went swimming for an hour.
then it was over forever! party!
after school was over, we went to Luke Holladay's house for Quesadilla Thursday. always a fun time.

although i will miss my p.e. friends...
i am beyond glad that it's done.
tomorrow i leave for my grandparents house/my mom's high school youth group reunion...
&& i will be back on monday.
i may be able to blog...
until next time, my comrades...

(who doesn't love a cheesy ending?)

1 comment:

Katie said...

ha ha ha! sounds like fun. i haven't finished my P.E. yet. *sad face*