Tuesday, July 29

erin inspired me.

let me share with you my favorite show.
jon & kate plus 8.
it is THE most brilliant show EVER.
i laugh out loud and rewind it at least four times per episode.

for those of you who do not know, it's about a family with a set of twins (mady and cara) and sextuplets (aaden collin joel alexis hannah leah). it's on TLC all the time.

watch it.

ohhh, this show gets me. it gets me real good.


Elise! said...

I am pretty much obsessed with that show, I record what seems like every episode and force my family and friends to watch with me.

I walked my the American Girl place in New York today, and I was like, "Ohmygosh, Mom, Jon and Kate went there with Cara and Mady!!!"

bryce said...

i love that show! i watch it all the time.

welcome.erin (: said...

now i hope you mean another erin because if you ment me i have no clue what you mean haha :}

Anonymous said...


Erin said...

Well, yes, of course a different Erin. (That was in response to other Erin). And yay! I am glad I inspired you. I am actually really tempted to walk downstairs and go see if it's on right now. I want children, please. Oh, and Aaden is one of my favorites. And Alexis, I think. I don't remember which girl. Oops.