Monday, July 7

summer school, i'll be glad when we part.

but at the same time, i'll be a little crushed.
would you like to know the plusses and minuses of summer school P.E.?
oh, perfect.

[ p r o s ]
+ fun friends, AKA joe, toben, luke, molly, and rachel. i like them a lot.
+ fun jokes and discussions on 3 hour walks
+ steven lo
+ owning everyone in swimming
+ playing a little WP
+ not being allowed to play bat ball because of our lack of enthusiasm
+ the teachers not caring
+ no mile-running
+ having something to do
+ actually getting some physical activity into my day. and by "some," i mean "6 hours."

[ c o n s ]
- walking up at 6:10
- a slightly strenuous 3 hour walk
- steven lo
- being at school for 6 hours
- having school nights again

conclusion: i think i'll miss summer school, as crazy as that sounds.
we are 9/12 of the way there. reduced, that would be 3/4.
3/12 to go, or, technically, 1/4.
sorry, i couldn't resist.

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Katie said...

crazy! but, i totally understand. =D