Saturday, July 26

Dear Dark Knight,

I love you.
I know I doubted you, I know.
But please forgive me.
Because now you're my new favorite movie.

Even though I feel like Heath Ledger is going to pop out and slice my mouth open any second now, it's okay. Because I know Christian Bale will rescue me in the nick of time.

Thanks for exceeding my weak expectations!

love love love,
Heather Christianne Leith


Erin said...

I agree with all of this and I have to admit I was actually a little nervous before it started, but I am definitely a fan as well. And Batman is so cute, he can rescue me any day :) And I only jumped 3 times! I was so brave. Even though the 3rd time I jumped I almost punched myself in the face... That was great.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh....
im creeped oput. i said, hey before i sign off this computer here in wyoming lets check dearest heathers blog. and in my head i was predicting what i would see. would you have anything new or would i be greeted with a passe post?

i realized, maybe she just posted the same as that bulletin i just read about the dark knight, and lo and behold, i was right.
and im not kidding.

that was weird and im kid ofimpressed with my mind.
im done.


Katie said...

i can't wait to go see The Dark Knight on my brother's b-day!!! it looks totally awesome! =)