Sunday, July 13

10 O'Clock Thoughts

-- i am currently entertaining colton via text, because he is out of place in a group of people he barely knows, bowling. that's what friends are for, right?

--my mother's reunion was fun...who doesn't love a bunch of 70's flowerchildren in one place?

-- my grandpa is wearing black shorts with high black socks. and i love it.

-- tomorrow will include seven hours of driving home, reading magazines, playing electronic yahtzee, eating hot tamales, drinking gatorade, and reading the Old Man and the Sea for english next year.

-- i have a planned introduction planned with zack zeiger. good times, right?

-- i am really giddy right now. you don't want to know.

-- this video will enrich your life. my favorite is her hand motions and attempt at a strobe light in the beginning...and plus, she picks up pointless props such as T-shirts, holds them in her hand for a few seconds without any aknowledgement, and then throws them on the ground.

ryan and i got some good laughs from this...


Katie said...

ha ha ha! i watched the video, i couldn't stop laughing! =D

Jordan said...

Oh. my. freaking. gosh.
I cracked up!
This was the funniest video ever!