Thursday, November 1

I like Zeinah's Halloween summary. So here it is. The [ ]'s are my additions

  • costumes sponsored by Leith Family Household
  • little Carson [neighbor] marching [driving his little Jeep] proudly trying to impress the chicks
  • Ryan Leith getting a little too into the whole trick or treating ordeal
  • 6 guilty candy bowl bandits
  • 2 pairs of dirty-water-soaked socks
  • a bumble bee, tucan, odd spongebob with tight pants, cow girl, cookie monstaa, not too spirited knight
  • a pair of parents eagerly asking to take their child's picture with spongebob
  • delusional candy sorting

my additions:
  • [The Annual Halloweenie Roast at the end of the block]
  • [Frankie the dog dressed as a little hot dog]
the end....


Maxdoggie said...

lol! wish my halloween was like this. mine was just weird and boring.

joanna (: said...

one big brawl between an under the sea creature and a striped insectizoid over one packet of skittles.

also, 3 menacing girls throwing candies at our faces. resulting in one pissed off ryan leith.