Monday, November 19

Back to the Stone Age

Today I bartered.
At Starbucks.

"Do you do barters here?"

".........What do you have?"

"A Cold Stone gift card."

"........What do you want?"

"A peppermint bark brownie."

"........How much is on the card?"

"Five bucks."


SUCCESS! If you are talking to the right barista, bartering is the new fad.

--Try it sometime--

p.s. i'm off the birthplace of papa leith and the leithlets...i'll be back on monday!


Anonymous said...

i was there to witness this major skill. it truly is an art.

wooooo!!! goodbye one of 5 leithlets!

Maxdoggie said...

bartering is definitely a special trade, it's just that u have 2 be good @ it!! Have a fun time @ Canada!!! by the way what are your two favorite colors? just wondering. =) said...

this is what he was thinking..
"Woah...she's a hot mama."

have fun in canada!! "J

rachel styffe said...

heather- i'm a proud grandma! say hi to canada for me. no really. say hi. no joke. pinkie promise me? :D