Thursday, November 1


[Resume of a Hottie]
Name: Mrs. Tankersly
Occupation: 4th Grade Music Teacher
Form: Pumpkin
Carvers: Heather, Melissa, and Joanna
Awards: Honorary Mention at HSM PumpkinFest (by force)
Biography: She taught 4th grade Melissa, Heather, and Joanna how to play the recorder and how to clap out beats. (Miss-Tank-er-sly.)
Headshots: See below for a great variety.

Halloween Night | Oh, what a joy.
Trick or treating with Zeinah and Joanna | Plus Ryan and Lindsey.
Carson joined for about 10 minutes | Then flaked.
"Homework" | Psh.
Others say no one came to their house | We got 200 kids
Only because my mom dresses up as an old lady | She pretends to think its Christmas
Children love it | We so popula'
Meanwhile, we bombarded homes | and persuaded them to give us more.
Hustled for candy | But I tried to be nice.
Little girls threw candy at us | Joanna and Ryan got into a brawl.
Lindsey handcuffed me | We stayed that way for about an hour.
Ryan was way into it | As he is at all holidays.
Now it's November | I love new beginnings
heather- cookie monster.
joanna- bumblebee (with a touch of diva)
zeinah- half of a toucan (the head falls off)
ryan- spongebob with a touch of country (he was wearing my leggings)
lindsey- cowgirl. hence the handcuffing mentioned above.
mother- forgetful old woman
jason- old gregg
close-ups (he's scary)

group shot!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween !Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

{name that movie}


Anonymous said...

i was not smiling for realsies in that first one, despite what onlookers may believe- i was making a lock-jaw

Jordan said...

Nightmare Before Christmas!

You all look splendid (:

Maxdoggie said...

you all look so awesome! =) i didn't dress up!!! =(

poncho said...

SO FUN!!! =]]

The metro with friends said...

i came over to ur house!

Anonymous said...

Hey, are those costumes? Looks like normal to me, especially Shelley (mother of 5).....


danya said...

this is quite horrifying/wonderful

heatherleith! said...

who is the metro with friends?