Thursday, November 8

odd finds on

when this alarm clock goes off, it rolls off your nightstand and onto the floor, and rolls around blaring loudly until you get up to retrieve it. this may look like a young boy's toy. but nay. when this alarm goes off, the propeller flies off up to the ceiling. it has a key attatched that turns off the clock. so you have to drag yourself out of bed and get the propeller, and put the key in the clock to stop the blaring alarm. (how are people so creative?)
this is just a weird figurine named Momji.
Granny Racers- like electric toy trains, but their grandmas.

a french-english shower curtain. learn some phrases while you shower!
med school in a box?
"Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Med School In a Box, complete with a Med School in 96 Pages mini textbook, Medicine At a Glance card (such as the ever-handy "How to Tell If a Body Is Dead"), Extra-Credit Course cards (perfect for learning Bedside Manner), Heroes of Medicine trading cards and a Med School Challenge test and then it all pays off with a Med School In a Box diploma."
oh, of course. law school in a box.
"Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Law School In a Box, complete with a Law School in 96 Pages mini textbook, You Be The Judge cards, Heroes of The Courtroom trading cards and a Law School Challenge test, then it all pays off with a Law School In a Box diploma."
a creature, containing a hidden flash drive.

stick-on hairdos. they stick to your mirror so you can try on some new 'dos.
i think this wins for most awkward picture ever taken.

the self-portrait arm-
"Now here's a great idea! A simple cure for "Myspace Photo" syndrome - you know, that all-too-common self-portrait, where you're off-center, with your head half cut-off, one arm sticking up all awkward holding the camera? Well, no more! Now your candid shots can look like fine art photos with the help of this ingenious hand-held extendable camera arm. Attaches to any camera base and telescopes from 8" to 18" for the ultimate in pro-on-the-go photos. Fully adjustable and built from strong and lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum, with a reference mirror and a removable tripod base for surface-mounted shots. Comes in a padded carrying case with a handy belt clip."
how much more awkward and geeky can you get with a padded carrying case and a handy belt clip? i want to buy this so i can go out alone in public and take awkward self-portraits.

transformers monopoly!
oh, and i just thought i'd throw in the cutest bed spread i have ever seen.

wow urban outfitters...if any of you need some christmas shopping ideas, these are all on my list.


Anonymous said...

i think we should try walking around with the myspace camera thing.

it would definately cause a stir.

Anonymous said...

but i want both of those alarm clocks.

just cuz they look so cool

Maddie! said...

ooo i just added the myspace camera arm thingy to my christmas list! ahahah i love the description of it.

Maxdoggie said...

very cool pics!!!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, when u try to use the first alarm clock in the mall, it doesnt work...
the rest are sweet

Droopy's said...

Transformers Monopoly is not an odd finding!!! Its a God given board game!!! But cost to much at Urbab Outfitteres.


eliseeee said...

My favorite are the first two!