Saturday, November 3

oh goooosh

the people: rachel pat and heather leiththe outfits: heather leith circa 2004 clothes
[rachel] blue gaucho pants that reached her ankles, a pink my little pony shirt, a sequined stretchy black belt, and a pink baseball hat that said "Princess"
[heather] olive green gaucho pants, a coral lace tank top with the "wrinkled look" layered over an olive green shirt, a sequined stretchy green belt
the place: out to daphne's then to blockbuster to show off our duds
the thing is:
I actually wore this stuff as a 6th/7th grader
the stares: endless
the movie: when we got home we watched Pop Star, the most embarrassing yet the greatest movie of all time.
the stars: aaron carter (he thought he was SO cool) and this really awkward, ugly girl with braces who couldn't talk. wasn't a joke. why did they hire her? we don't know. i HIGHLY recommend this movie.
the ratings: 10 on the aaron carter thinks he's hott scale
10 on the ultimate cheesy lines scale
10 on the awkward scale
10 on the dumb plot scale
10 on the aaron carter thinks he's bro scale
10 on the aaron carter has bad acne scale
10 on the aaron carter has a nasally voice scale
10 on the unrealistic scale
10 on the inconsistent plot scale (there were major conflicts unresolved)
10 on the whoever made this is out of there mind scale
10 on you've gotta rent this scale
10 on the i don't know how to end this post scale


Anonymous said...

oh the 7th grade heather leith...

but i need to rent this pop star movie since im obsessed with aaron carter and all.

rachel kalei. said...

we so coo'.

Maxdoggie said...

which is one reason why i don't watch anything that has aaron carter in it.

Fronnay said...

hello there. ummm ill post what i wore. be prepared my firends

Anonymous said...

HEATHER!! Jane from Pop Star was in that disney movie Motocrossed. where she plays that really butchy girl and is really creepy.

just thought you might like to know.