Monday, August 27

Stephen, you crack me up.

So there I was at Alli Reinhardt's surprise birthday bash. It was at the Styffe's, and I was playing Disney Dance Dance Revolution (I made it all the way to "Maniac" level). Lo and behold, Stephen Styffe asks me if I have a blog. I say yes, and he replies that he has one too. I ask him to show it to me.


He spells better than half of the bloggers in this universe, and he posts like global topics- "Which is better, Blockbuster or Netflix? Is the iPhone REALLY a good phone?" Well, not really global- but still advanced for an 11 year old.

Then we played Deal or No Deal Love Edition (this is a regular occurrence). I was a lovely contestant, and I won for 5 minutes, until he dumped me. I was crestfallen of course, but I recovered.

Oh, Stephen (or should I say Crushinator), you are hilarious.

P.S. If you visit his blog, vote on the poll that is on the top. (:


joanna (: said...

What a heartbreaker.
I didn't even make it to the second round when I played.
Darn that JP!

MEENA! said...

haha, his blog is so random.

Styffinator said...

My little brother is one-of-a-kind... yes. enough said? i think yes.

joanna (: said...


Freshman Freak said...

hahaha about the whole poll thing! heather you know that now matter how the poll turns out it wont change stephens feelings for me!!! hahahahahah! we were meant to be! (:

Styffinator said...

Erin... you and Stephen will "never be", hopefully! That would be so weird if you and Stephen... eww. I'm getting grossed out just thinking about it.