Friday, August 24

5 O'Clock Thoughts

*Our backyard is steadily progressing. I helped pick out the stacked stone.

*If someone tried to kidnap me, what would I do? I honestly don't know if I could fight him off, because I would be busy hyperventilating. Getting kidnapped and being held captive for like 10 years like those kids you see on the news is my number one fear, and has been since I was little.

*We always say that when we look back at pictures and stuff, we will laugh at our clothes and technology. But I wonder...what else is there to advance? What ELSE would people wear? Are our clothes abnormal? Like, what other styles are there that a whole generation would just switch to? I know there are a lot of technological advances to make, but what else do we need? (My kids are going to look back at this and be like "Mom, how did you SURVIVE without the _____?")

*I listen to the playlist on my blog daily. I really, really love it.

*I am truly going to miss Junior High. But most of all, I am wish I was back at Melinda Heights.

*What would my life be like if I still lived in Canada?? I wouldn't know ANY of you, I wouldn't be sitting here, listening to this playlist right now, listening to workers working in my backyard. I probably wouldn't have a blog. I wouldn't go to Saddleback. I maybe would have vacationed in California, and my parents would say "Well, kids, we were almost going to move here..." I'd probably still be introverted and shy. (:

*I can play the intro, verse, and chorus of Thousand Miles! I am so proud!

*I wish I could sing like Idina Menzel and Eden Espinosa (from Wickedddd). How awesome would it be if I could just bust out like, the highest note on the musical scale? Which reminds me...

*I wish I could yodel. I could impress people with my Swiss Alps girl qualities.

*I also wish I could play complex Beethoven and Mozart pieces on the piano. People could come over, and I'd just like play intensely. And then be like "Oh, it's nothing...."

*What if I was born a dog?

*If I starred in a movie and elevated to celebrity status, would I change? Like, my personality? Would I stay the same? Or would it go to my head?

*I really wish was born in Paris, London, or Australia. I like their accents and languages. And towns.

*You know how we say like "Gracias!" or "Hola!" Do Spanish people say "Thanks!" "Hello!" as like, a joke?

*I really can't wait to drive.

*The book the Center of Everything is AMAZING. READ IT.

*This post was inspired by Rachel, who was inspired by Allison.


Anonymous said...

i always think about like 'what else is there to wear in the future?' too. and will my kids really be saying "i dont know how you could live without this?"... weird

I wish i had a like slight French or i dont know, South American accent...

I think i was talking to you or Rachel about whether or not Spanish or French people say things in English as a joke... I dont think Diane does...

Styffinator said...

i truely enjoyed that. you made my day. i guess i'm pretty pathetic.