Friday, August 24

"I'm All Alooooone..."

I have many soft spots in my deep black heart, but one of those is for

people eating alone.

I always feel so bad when I go out to eat, and I'm laughing and smiling with my family, and then I see someone sitting by themselves, eating silently. No family. No friends. It makes me wonder...
-why are they alone?
-do they have family and friends who just couldn't make it to dinner?
-are they alone in the world, with no one to keep them company?
-did something sad happen to their family?
-are they having a hard time in life?
-what are they thinking about?
-do they just like eating alone?
-do they wish someone was with them?
-are they feeling awkward?

I just want to go hug people who are alone. But that's just weird and abnormal.

3 comments: said...

i's sad ):

Anonymous said...

awwww I always think about that! I think it was you or Rachel who i was talking about that with when we saw a man hunched over his food eating alone. :( :(

danya genevieve said...

YES i think this is also so sad! Like I actually feel guilty. and at in-n-out i always see old people eating alone. and it is truly sad