Thursday, August 30

Seven Sphinxlike Facts About HeatherLeith

Sphinxlike means mysterious. Checkit.

one. i like change. no, i must have change. evidence:
-my blog layout right now is killing me. i need to change it ASAP.
-i re-did my room the summer after sixth grade, after i had just changed a few things a couple of weeks before. i am semi-redoing it again. i simply cannot stand the sameness.

two. my name was going to be savannah. it's kind of cute, but kind of not. what would my blog title be? "simply savannah." "on an african savannah." ew.

three. there are certain spellings and pronunciations that make me cringe.
-when people spell the word "iPod" like this- Ipod. EW. EWWWW. People, it's iPod. NOT Ipod.
-when people pronounce it "ay-sap" instead of "A-S-A-P."
-"melk" or "pellow." nuff said.
-"bolth" instead of "both"

four. my retainers are teal with a peace sign. they really, really lower my self confidence.

five. the biggest splurge i have ever made is $50 on a grey dress from urban outfitters. i don't wear it that often \: sometimes with money, i have such a hard time spending it, deciding the best way to use the moolah i earned. but sometimes, i throw it away freely. (i throw it away on items, not into the trash can.)

six. the first cd i ever owned was michelle branch. it was to go with my baby blue walkman. to this day, i know every every every single word to that cd. and i love it.

seven. there is not one soda i don't like. literally. name it, i'll drink it. regular, diet, sugar-free... i really don't have a preference. but the thing is, i rarely drink soda anymore. i just feel like i'm rotting my teeth and harming my body. but if i must have one, i don't care which one.

there. i hope you learned something that will enlighten your life forever and ever.

i tag her, him, that girl over there, that guy, i think we're related, this guy, and YOU.


Styffinator said...

haha... I'm your melk and pellow friend! How do you even say "mIlk"? or "pIllow'???? I don't get it!

danya genevieve said...

i like these.

annie said...

i totally say "melk" and "bolth"... but i'm hopping that we can move past all of this and still be friends.

Anonymous said...

i love the name Savanna!!! i also tried to force Rachel to speak "eltze" the right way in our undocumented speech lessons, but she just resisted. now she sounds like a Canadian trucker.