Saturday, August 25

I Want My Boy Meets World.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Hannah Montana.
American Dragon, Jake Long.
Phil of the Future.
High School Musical 1 & 2.
This is the disgrace that Disney has turned into. Sure, some of these shows may have some value, but nothing is truly more valuable than

Boy Meets World.

This is a quality show.
There was humor. There was seriousness. There was everything.
There was not one bad episode. They were all phenomenal.

We watched Cory, Shawn, and Topanga grow up together.
We watched them fight, only to become friends again. Every time.
We watched Cory and Topanga break up one million times...

but they always, always got back together.

Everyone wishes that Cory was their boyfriend.
(or maybe that's just me?)

You can RELY on Boy Meets World.

Mr. Feeny will always be present.
Everyone will always be friends in the end.
They are all there for each other.
Even when there was worries that they would grow apart,
you KNEW that would never happen.
Eric would always bring humor to every episode.

Oh, and the last episode. In what other TV show is such sappiness acceptable?
Rachel and I watched it together.
We both cried.
Since when can Disney shows make you cry?
They can't.
Only Boy Meets World can.

I really don't know how to explain the swelling love that I am feeling for Boy Meets World right now.
I thought I heard it on in the family room. I walked into the family room eagerly, only to see The Suite Life on.

I literally cringed in disgust. There is no comparison. Boy Meets World rules out all other shows.

How else can I explain myself? This is not just a "favorite show." This is a relationship between me and the television.

The day Boy Meets World goes off the air will be the day the world will end
and be drained of all hope.


Elise B. said...

Oh it's so sad... I have taken a recent liking to it and am sad it's not on more..:/

rachel kalei. said...

yes. I did cry from the last episode of Boy Meets World. IT'S SO SAD! There are really no acceptable words to decsribe Boy Meets World. It's that good.

Chris.tine said...

I remember when I was in 4th grade (i think) there was that episode when Mr.Feeny got stabbed in the back with scissors. I think it was the Halloween episode. I wouldn't let myself watch that show until I was in 6th grade. I cried after I saw that happened.

alli said...

the difference between boy meets world and all the other shows on the disney channel is that boy meets world is not an actual disney show. i used to watch it when it originally aired on abc.

the disney channel only wishes they could make a show that great.

Jordan said...

i agree with everything said! that has always been my favorite show inthe entire world!!! it's still on disney at like 2 in the afternoon and on abc family so it's not gone yet!

joanna (: said...

Boy Meets World is a truly well done show that can never be replaced. Ever. said...

You seriously are not a Hannah Montana fan!?

Haha, wait untill Devon posts a comment on this (:

danya genevieve said...

...but my favorite show is Boy Meets World and I watch it everyday...

and I've seen every episode and did cry at the finale with saying bye to Mr. Feeny.

Oh and I really do wish Cory was my boyfriend. I've wished that since I first started watcing the show

MEENA! said...

boy meets world IS my favorite show and danya and i watch it EVERY day and don't miss ONE episode. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE!