Thursday, August 23

Bizarre Dream...

I was at registration for high school, but I was just sitting on the grass with my friends. Someone dropped a locator into my lap...and my schedule included classes like:

Physical Health (this meant PE)
Journalism (but it was just where you write essays with partners for the whole year)
Science Docents (where you go to an elementary school and teach science to kids...this is a real elective, but it's for juniors and seniors...)
Orchestra (do I play an instrument? no.)
Music Appreciation (ew, i heard it was the most boring class ever.)

I had like 5 electives...There was more that I don't remember...but this was by far my favorite-

Harry Potter Appreciation (a geeky student was the teacher.)

I got mad and decided to go talk to the guidance counselors. But then the scene changed- I was at my neighbors house, about to babysit for them. When the mom was telling me when they were going to be back, I eyed a child's playpen full of giant sugar cookies. I really wanted one. But I didn't get one. So the whole family left for dinner, even the kids (why was i even babysitting?), and I was told to eat some dinner and do whatever I wanted. I was just about to go on the computer and blog about my absurd schedule...

when I woke up.
and came downstairs.
and blogged.


Styffinator said...

what in the world? you are the most bizarre creature that i know. i love it.

danya genevieve said...

that is truly really weird.
REALLY weird

MEENA! said...

that is scary.

Anonymous said...

thats funny. i suck because i keep forgetting my dreams

Chris.tine said...

Haha. I'm pretty slow. I didn't read the title so I though that those were you actual classes.


joanna (: said...

I never remember my dreams!
No fair!

rachel kalei. said...

that is really weird that you dreamed about blogging. Well, i guess I'm weird too. Cause sometimes i dream about Tetris.

Chris.tine said...

Loove the new blog header.