Saturday, January 9

2009: The Photo Review.

2009 was very good to me.
i'm glad we were friends.
let's start off with the best picture ever!
i couldn't find anything for January. so i went through my phone pictures and found this from New Year's last year. i spent it like any classy lady with friends would-- i babysat and taught an innocent child how to take a myspace picture.
winter formal was in February. my second school dance. i went with my good friend phillip and had a lovely time. this year's date: matt. i don't want to put his last name in case he googles his name sometime and finds my blog. anyway, i have to think of a way to ask him since he demanded that i do so....inspiration?

March! comedysportz took our yearbook photo. around this time i was madly scrambling trying to finish the film/comedysportz page for the YB. ahh, the good old days. this year i was supposed to be senior ads editor, but they just decided to go on without me while i spent my 6th period in film. whatevz.
i went on a mission's trip to New Mexico in April. goodness gracious, it was amazing. i learned so much about God and changed my outlook on life just by painting a lady's house for a week. i also gained a great missions trip story. see here for what some consider "the funniest blog of [my] life."
May! what a glorious, glorious month. this one gets three pictures.

i started the month off by getting a surprise party thrown for my and rachel's 16th birthday in a penthouse suite. best, surprise tactics, ever. they got us SO SO good. read about the excitement here.
then came prom! my date was the prom king. how totally and typically high school.
and then! my other dream came true (the first was the surprise party). matt (the aforementioned winter formal date), rachel (the aforementioned surprise party co-honoree), shelley (mother) and i went to a TAYLOR SWIFT concert. amazing. i love that girl with all my heart. she made it rain onstage. i want to be that woman. here's me ranting and raving about how phenom it was.
oh, June. the end of sophomore year. goodbye beidxcore and AP euro, forever. hello summer.
(still June) Jesse's surprise birthday bonfire! some great pictures came out of this day. this one is still my favorite. so summery and carefree. and so teen-health-book.
(aaand still June.) the small group mother-daughter tea party! what a whimsical day. i love these ladiez with all of my heart.
July was spent in Sri Lanka being transformed by God and playing with the cutest little uniform-clad babies.
ah, the bestie. mel mel. and some of our favorite afternoon children.
oh, and July also brought elephant riding through the jungle. no big.
the Blondies + a Brownie went to Lake Las Vegas for a little mini-vacation in August. we saw a weird and creepy Criss Angel show and tried on hats at the Biggest Giftshop Ever or whatever that obnoxious place is called.
August also included going to Camp Ojai, which entailed more life change and learning to surf!
aand then September rolled around. junior year began, and the film class went on a field trip to warner brothers studios! we got to sit on the Friends couch, SO COOL. (this is approximately one third of my class)
we also got to see the ACTUAL flying car from HP! best moment of my life. we weren't supposed to touch it but guess what...we did.
rachael and i met selena gomez in october at her CD signing in south coast plaza. this involved waiting for 7 hours and then meeting that tiny little sel. we both had hand-made t-shirts that she loved and showed her mom. a very nice girl.
November was the month of homecoming. i planned the evening and went with cory! it was so much fun and we got the best pictures, ever, from shannon.
comedysportz also put on the homecoming halftime show skit. it was wizard of oz themed, hence our costumes. i was glenda the good witch! notice my handmade saran-wrap-hula-hoop bubble.
December! also a great month. photoshoots with the friendzies most def happened.
danielle, rachael and i (along with 8 others) chose to direct for film. here's our cliche director shot.
and, Christmas brought my grandparents here for a few weeks (love them.) and the traditional sibling secret santa. ryan had me and gave me a beeeautiful red peacoat. i had shannon and gave her some pretty clothes from nordstrom rack. what a success.
i rang in the new year with some friends at a party where we played pokemon video games and scattergories and played with jessica's rabbit, noah. it was simply lovely.

and now here we are in 2010! thanks, oh nine. we had so much fun.
i can't think of a way to end this without saying something cliche,


meg. said...

I love your wetsuit.
A lot.
I really hope you take the opportunity to wear that to school.

VAEnilla. said...

i now feel that i can comment on your blog posts without shame.
thanks for entertaining me during halftime rehearsal. you beat the rent-a-glinda by a mile.

Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

"(still June) Jesse's surprise birthday bonfire! some great pictures came out of this day. this one is still my favorite. so summery and carefree. and so teen-health-book."

That teen-health-book description is perfect. Haha, I don't even know how you came up with that, but it was perfect.

And who took the director picture for ya? I really like it.

heath(er) said...

hahah, thanks, i don't know what's more health book than a pyramid of teens.

and melissa took that one. we were in rachael's home photo studio.

Anonymous said...

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sarathira sukiman said...

your year looked so fun filled. im like dying of jealousy here about getting to sit on the FRIENDS gang couch! oh i loved your wizard of oz costume especially! haha

oh and are you part sri lankan? because i am, and its kind of comforting somehow to know i have a friend, hahaha. sad, i know.

i found out about your blog while im doing my 3am blog exploring, lucky me haha goodnight lady!

Anonymous said...
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sarathira sukiman said...

well, im part sri lankan. my grandpa was sri lankan, but ive never been there though, so youre more connected to the country than i am i think, haha.

shannon said...

fyi: i like when you blog!

Anonymous said...

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