Monday, May 25

you take my hand and drag me headfirst, fearless.

what a woman.
her concert was so so so good!fellow t.swift enthusiasts: matt and rachel.
we listened to her for the whole 2 hour drive to san diego.

after a quick refuel at in-n-out and some mock cool pictures...

we were there!
looking creepy and gross.
our row partners were frat boys that knew every word.
i jammed out with them.
and rachel took a secret picture.

we knew every word as well.
my dance move in this picture was apparently pointing.

and there she is!

romeo, save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel...

onstage quick change!
there were many. it was impressive.

oh and here are some enthusiastic country girls.
the attire of every audience member: dresses and cowboy boots.
taylor swift's self-proclaimed favorite outfit.

great moment: she had a lot of video feature things. so during one of them, she snuck into the audience, and after the video ended, we hear her voice...and then we look around and the woman is in the crowd! then she walked down to the floor, hugging people and talking to them. she performed a few songs in the middle of the audience on a little mini-stage (below, photo credit to erin brady) and then made her way to the front again, hugging everyone on the way. it was so cute.
when she got to the front, the audience cheered for an entire 3 minutes. it was insane. she was laughing and looking shocked the whole time. then she said, "i will never forget that. thank you." aw. presh.

holy insane drum segment.

she busted into justin timberlake's "what goes around comes around" halfway through one song.
so good.

that girl sure knew how to rile up the crowd by saying some dramatic intro to her song.
she was a sassy one.

and then! she ended with the whole rain thing during "should've said no." amazing.

she did the same thing at an awards show --

and on the way home, there was an accident on the 241 that
stopped the traffic for about a half an hour.

matt had a little too much fun.

ahhh! it was so great!!
love me some t.swift.

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