Saturday, May 2

my dream has officially come true.

i had a surprise party thrown in my honor, as well as rachel patla's honor!

i am still in a state of shock, and it's one day later.
here's how it all happened!

accomplice/distractor - chandler.
chan chan and i had planned to go get chipotle friday after school. we had this planned for about a week. so on friday, i'm waiting at the front of trabuco for him with my friend danielle, when i see a car that looks like my mom's pull up...but i just figured it was someone else. but then she pulls closer...and it is my mother. with chandler in the front seat. whaaat?! i was bewildered. maybe his car broke down? but why would my mother be offering him assistance? they don't even know each other (or so i thought.)

but then two other cars full of my friends pull up behind them, and everyone has their windows down, screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and blowing party blowers and yelling and cheering, and they all pile out and surround me and put a sweet sixteen crown on my head. rachel is with them, with the same crown (they had pulled her out of swim practice and surprised her like a minute earlier).

but i was still confused. my birthday is not till tuesday. rachel's is in over a week. why would they be celebrating now...? but then rachel is like "we're going to disneyland!" ahh!

so 18 of us spent about three hours at disneyland, and they told rachel and i that we were going to dinner after- but they were all mysterious about it. i guessed rainforest cafe, rachel, for some odd reason, was determined that it was chuck e. cheese. classy. anyway, we knew there had to be SOMETHING still coming. we had no clue what though.

i was so excited! i figured that this was the surprise- disneyland with my friends and then dinner somewhere fun. i kept telling people "i'm so shocked! how did you guys keep this a secret? this is great!" little did i know this was not the extent of the surprise...

so after we went on three rides and were serenaded in line by this junior high choir group, we left promptly at 8:00. or something. my mom pulls into a hotel near disneyland, hands me a big bag, leads us to the lobby where we meet the others.

rachel and i discuss how confused we are and try and guess what we're doing- we got nothing though. what in the world. why were we in a hotel...we had NO clue.

so then my mom hands me a room key and tells us to lead the group up to room 1404. rachel and i share more confused looks and follow her instructions.

after we got to floor 14, room 1404, we put the key in the door....cautiously open it up....

a billion people jump up and start yelling and cheering and throwing feather boas on us. it was a surprise party!!!!

this amazing penthouse suite was decked out- sweet 16 decorations, kelly's cupcakes, embarrassing old photo montages, food, 45 friends, our was so phenomenal.

but that's not all!

after everyone ate some rubio's we went up to the ROOF to dance. what. in. the. world. the disneyland fireworks were on the horizon [cheesy] as we danced our little hearts out. it was a dream come true.

not over yet! rachel patla [fellow birthday girl], melissa, rachel styffe, my mother and i all spent the night at the penthouse! (is that what it's called? i don't even know.) it had a big kitchen, a living room, dining room, one regular bedroom and bathroom, one GIANT master bedroom and bathroom, and a deck. so we opened our presents and sang songs in the bathroom [good acoustics] and....woke up at 7:45 to go to school and take the AP euro practice exam. but i don't even care because my amazing day yesterday allll made up for it.

wow. i am so so blessed. and very impressed that 50 people kept this a secret for three weeks.

my life is complete. pictures to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Well, Heather - even I (up in Canada) knew about this surprise party!!!! Amazing and wonderful!!! You are one loved kid, I think.....good thing your parents didn't do something like this for Shannon on her 16th and set a presidence because that would mean 4 more such parties. I think that they were sure smart on this one! love ya and wish I could have been there, also. GR MA

Katie said...

L-U-C-K-Y!!! ;) glad you had a fun time at disneyland!!! :)