Friday, April 10

new mexico story #1: sleeping arrangements

alright. the girls slept in one giant room. we are talking around 75 women. all in ONE room.

you walk in. sleeping bags and air mattresses EVERYWHERE. it was a game to try and stay on your feet while trying to get to your spot. well, a game i played by myself. but a game nonetheless.

wow, pathetic sentence.
moving on.
so i slept in the back corner of the room. and let me tell you, that room was DANG COLD. this is what i wore at night: two pairs of leggings, sweatpants, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, fuzzy socks. sometimes two. and i slept in my sleeping bag with a giant blanket over me. it was coooold. but i adapted by the end of the week.

so getting out of bed in the middle of the night was torture. especially when it's pitch black and you are in the back corner and need to pee. oh wait, that was me.

it was about 3 AM i'm guessing, and i woke up, and realized that i NEEDED to go to the bathroom. i HAD to, or else i would not fall back asleep.

but minor problem. there are 75 snoring girls and sleeping bags and suitcases and air mattresses between me and the door. cool.

and another problem. who will go with me? i was so tired that i feel half-asleep and had a dream that someone would go with me. so i was looking around for them, all excited, when i realized it was a dream. dang itttt.

so i decided, i just need to do this. so i emerged from my warm cocoon into the harsh temperatures. i delusionally put on my ugg boots and stood up. here we go.

it did not turn out well. i loudly stepped past like 2 girls when i got stuck and there was nowhere to put my feet. so i turned back and sat down. but i NEEDED to pee. there was no avoiding it. so i decided to try again.

i got back to the point that trapped me before. and i realized i just had to put my foot down, even though there was no place for it. little did i know, i was stepping on a girl's head. whoever you were...i'm really sorry about that.

so i made it, after about 10 minutes of waking people up and falling on them and their stupid air mattresses. i walked outside to our lovely port-a-potty city. it was cold. i peed.

then i came back into our lovely giant room...and reasoned, hey, idea. i'll leave the door open a crack so i can have a nice beacon of light while i stumble back to my sleeping bag! so i do so. but then a grouchy old leader wakes up and urgently whispers, "can you shut the door tightly!?" i stare at her, ready to slap the woman. does she realize what i have been through? gracious. the least the woman can do is let me have a smattering of light. for the love. (meg reference.) i stepped on a girl's head. lay off.

but, being delusional and not wishing to pick a fight with a 56 year old at 3 AM, i comply with her selfish request. i shut that door. and i take in the fact that i cannot see my own hand yet have to cross i giant room filled with sleeping girls. again.

so i do. and i'm sure i stepped on that poor child's head again. sorry, again.
finally. i reach home base. and i throw off my uggs, snuggle under my sleeping bag, and reflect on how i hate my life. and i go to sleep.

i should have just peed my pants.


Stephanie said...

im starting a petition to see to it that you recieve a metal of honor for your bravery when crossing a heavily mined battle field of sleeping women that you so rightfully deserve.

Huzzah, for the bold, bladder-induced adventures of the heather leith!

Shannon said...

funniest blog of your life.

Jason Leith said...

heather. i laughed very hard at this. you are extremely funny. i can see every moment very vividly and i am loving it.

M-REX said...

Question: How is it light outside if it's 3AM?
Funny nonetheless :)

heath(er) said...

light from the room you enter from (:

m e g • (an) said...

oh my.
i laughed out loud reading this.
and that's a big deal.
i'm just saying.. peeing your pants might have been the way to go, or held it until your insides exploded.

Me and Austin, my oldest brother, want to go to California and hit up disneyland,
but the two little ones want to go on a cruise.
what the, right?
They should want to go to the happiest place on the planet.
but if we do go to cali, you can follow me there, and we can wave, or say hello..
that would be pretty fancy.
i would enjoy it. thoroughly.

Serving Orange County said...

Well, from looking at the comment of this looks like I'll have to go back and read it. I do normally read all of them, but today I had a question for you totally unrelated to blogging
- Do you babysit? If so, are you interested in possibly babysitting for a really cute 2 year old boy? Let me know. You can email me at

Talk to you soon.

Carrie said...

wow. i love missions related pee stories... they are always great :)
can't wait to read (and see) more!

m e g • (an) said...

dang it heather leith.
this morning, our vacation was announced.
we leave on june 15 to flordia, to sail of into the horizon to the Bahama's.
i'm sorry woman.
one of these days, Sid and I will drive out to the OC to come visit, and then we will all go to Disneyland.

m e g • (an) said...

let's learn how to spell megan.

just ignore any other spelling errors, because we all know i make them more than often.

Katie said...

hahahahaha! i can actually imagine this happening to you, Miss Heather. you deserve a medal for this, because i would have just stayed in my bed and held on as tightly as I could.