Thursday, January 28

this is what i am;

life is very fun right now.
this is what is making me happy at the moment--
>> attempting to work out on our new elliptical. it's been two days in a row now...haha, progress.
>> my workout playlist that makes me feel like i'm kind of healthy.
>> avocados. that dang vegetable is just the best.
>> the christmas flannel that was supposed to be danielle's. but i stole it.
>> God's complexities. i love knowing that i have so much to learn about him and his plan.
>> that junior year is halfway over!
>> finals schedule, which means waking up later and getting out earlier.
>> oh, what's that? 102.5% on my history final? eehh, whatevz.
>> i am nearly finished filming! it has been oh so stressful, yet so much fun. now i can't wait to edit!
>> my friends. they're really fun.
>> biola spring preview day in two weeks, which consists of spending the night and going to classes and exciting things like that!
>> this quote that i heard this morning while walking into school: "elementary school was so easy. all you had to do was be a human, and you'd pass."
>> winter formal is next saturday!
>> and this weekend will be filled with playing in HSM with my favorite band, jesse and the rippers.

have you ever seen the Babysitter's Club movie? you know when Claudia is trying to learn everything for her summer school class, and the rest of the club makes up a song for her? and then while taking her test, she whispers in her head, "the brain, the brain, the center of the chain," and then she smiles and passes her test? well, that quote is in my head. please let me know if you can relate at all.

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shans said...

of course you did.

jesse and the rippers? tell me more.

biola spring preview?

can you come do a post-college spring preview at my house, to see what life is like post-college?

call me, yo.