Friday, January 8


i can explain.

it's called, i am directing a movie for my film class. i have not told you all much about this, so unless you actually know me well you don't know what i'm really talking about. anyway. i'm directing this short film, and i learned on monday that my lead actress has to drop out of the class next semester. her mother is making her. and so, i have to shoot my entire movie in three weeks.

three. weeks.
everyone else is shooting in three months.
and until wednesday, i had never operated a big camera with a tripod, a boom mic, and white balance to worry about. 60 fps meant nothing to me, and if you asked me what the iris was i'd tell you it was a part of your eye. but there i was on wednesday, thrust into this foreign environment.
...somehow, i survived. of course, sautty was there to help me out. he was there to operate the steadycam for me and control and entire classful of extras. i am still alive.

basically what i am saying is that monday and tuesday were spent getting hyper-organized (endless to-do lists, a color coded shooting schedule, a list of props and costumes....), and wednesday through today were spent shooting like mad and carting 7 fur coats and a russian-english translator around in my car. it has been fun, stressful, confusing, wonderful, exciting, and new. i am enjoying it, and i'm excited to see where this new little interest in my life will take me.

well that was just to calm your troubled minds and make yet another excuse to you poor people who are yearning for my musings. don't worry. after i click "publish post," an 09 photo review is comin' atcha.

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Emily said...

Heathhh, bummer. I hope this worked out. That honestly is so frustrating. You'll make it work. I'm so excited to see your movie. :)