Thursday, October 23

clever, switchfoot!

my dear iPod was on shuffle this morning, and i look at the screen and it says "Might Have Ben Hur." i disreguarded it, saying to myself "why did they spell 'her' like 'hur?'" but i just kept on with my quiet time. but then when they sang that line in the song, i realized, it's a pun! Ben Hur! i laughed, and commended Switchfoot inside my head.

this happens to me a lot, actually...i don't understand puns unless they are said out loud, and then when i realize, it makes me look really stupid. example: i was ordering at Red Robin, and i had decided on the "just in quesadilla." i figured it meant: fresh! just-in! hot off the grill! but then i said it out loud to the waitress, and ryan said "hah, clever." and i was confused. but then i realized...Just in CASE-adilla! hah! so clever! the waitress sympathized with my slow realization, a good waitress she was. she said she did the same thing.

which inclines me to say, i love good wait-people. when they are nice yet wittily sarcastic, and they tolerate my slow decision making and frequent order changing. i kind of want to be a waitress, just so i can be nice and understanding to people who take forever to decide on their order and change their request like five minutes before the meal comes out (true story, i've done that.)

in conclusion...i am a big appreciator of puns. i just don't realize them all right away...and i like good waiters/resses who are nice and patient with me.


mkr mouse said...

Aww, Might Have Ben Hur is a great song. :)
What happened with the musical try outs?

Katie said...

switchfoot is an awesome band, i love them! yeah, i'm kinda slow on puns as well. ur not alone! =P