Sunday, October 26

homecoming two thousand and eight!

oh my goodness, friends, it was SO fun.
clearly, no regrets.
definitely my favorite ^^
my dress turned out beautifully!

the men >>>

[ the ladies ]

my dad tried, and succeeded, with only a few picture mishaps.
i love this one.

we are lined up perfectly!

it's homecoming, so why not bust out the classic homecoming pose?

melissa plus heather equals creepers
....i was trying to be a tree hugger.

we tried to do a really cool line thing...
all that matters is that we tried, right?

the styffinator and i.

i'll leave you with an awkward one.

okay, how about i just lay out the night in dash form:
- i was the tallest girl in my group, and with my giant heels, i was Goliath. i loved it, though.

- we all took off our shoes right way was i going to dance in my four inch heels.

- basically, we just danced the entire time, with a few trips to the fondue fountain.

- my dress and hair were very wise choices- curls would have fallen out right away, and an awkward dress would have to be adjusted every five seconds. but i was all good!

- definitely the best part was that my dad chaperoned...and by chaperoned i don't mean stood around the perimeter watching, i mean he shoved to the center of the mosh pit and heavily enforced the rules and intimidated people. great job, dad, i commend you. i saw him like every 10 minutes too...i definitely embraced it.

oh, a great first school dance ever it was.


Nadine Marksteiner said...


You have really nice pictures. You should go to and upload your pictures and make fridge magnets from them and send them to all your family and friends!



Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Greetings from Italy, good luck

Hello, Marlow

IMURIS75 said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

Katie said...

that dress is so cute!!! =) it looks that so much fun! =D I love how you did your hair and the cute earrings! ;) great pics!

Anonymous said...

i agree with nadine! you should get some fridge magnets!

Anonymous said...

Grandma says " are you SURE your Dad was at your first dance???? How funny - did you ask him to do this? I'm really having the a chuckle over that one....but besides that, your Mom did a great job with your dress! You looked so great/good/cute/beautiful/fun. I love ya,


Michael Mountain said...

I feel not-so-great that your dad got zero pictures of us as a solo unit; I feel great that your dad copped on so many people.

My Pop did get one of us two alone. Apologies for my photographic ineptness. Fun was definitely had, so our memories will have to suffice.


Jordan said...

You look so amazing and this post made me oh so happy!
Yay for first school dances!