Saturday, October 18

oh, what a fun game.

tagged is what i have been!
by elise!
so here we go,
seven things some of you probably already know about me, or seven things you never knew, or three you knew and four you didn't, or some variation of the above.

1 - when i drink from a straw at my house (which is often), it must always match and/or coordinate with the container from which i am drinking. for example, when i drink diet coke with lime, i have a lime green straw, because it matches the lime on the can. if my straw clashes, i feel gross while drinking.

2 - i'm a sucker for a well-written caption or article. reading one just makes my day.

3 - i have a weird love for other people's lives. this is the reason why i follow two utah (utah-ian?) girls' blogs. and they have the same weird love, and they read mine too. hello meg and sidney!

4 - this saturday will mark my first school dance. ever. it's pathetic, but it's true. my parents never let me go until now...

5 - i dip my pizza crust in soda whenever possible. it's so good. but i get embarrassed so i do it as non-obviously as possible.

6 - i love love love designing my myspace. writing the about me, changing my default picture, picking fonts...i love it all.

7 - i wish my parents had put me in gymnastics or commercials or something as a two year old, so that by this time in my life i would be like shawn johnson or dakota fanning or something. why do i have such a desire to be famous? its ridiculously unneccesary!

bonus - okay, this isn't about me, but can i just share that oprah's great neice and nephew go to my school? i want to get to know them.

aiight, i tag shannon, sidney, meg, rachel styffe, katie ravn, and whoever else wants to be tagged!


Erin said...

I am sad to say, but I share your desire for number 7. I don't want to do gymnastics, but I want to be famous. Please and thank you. And number 5 is disgusting. I am sorry. And have fun at your first ever dance :)

Katie said...

have fun at your first dance! =) i can't wait to hear about it!

• m e g • said...

Heather- thank you for making me feel so honored with this oppurunity.
Anyway, #3 made me feel quite cozy inside. Utahian? mmm, i'm not sure actually. Ha.. Utahan. Utahishian. I like that one. Utah-ish-ian. It's a good one.
oh oh. On the account of #4. It's okay, i haven't been yet either. I'm not allowed until i'm 16. But ya know, whateva. Have a blast!
I will get right on this.. tagging dealio.

bryce said...

yeah for trabuco's homecoming!

Sidney said...

Awwww... Smiley smiley. About number 7, dido. If my parents only would have signed me up for swim team when I was two, I would be the next Micheal Phelps. You can only dream. I too can't go to any dances until i'm 16, aw well. I will have an amazing day!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY feel you on the 7th one, ive actually thought a lot about that lately. but more with dancing or acting, cause then i could be in commercials (like you said) and then by now be famous.

but my mom did the exact opposite on purpose... she didnt want me to get famous and then be like most child-stars... in rehab. She actually told me she didnt want me ending up like Brittany Spears hah.

heath(er) said...

wait, who are you anonymous?