Monday, October 27

i did say "for now..."

you want more? i'll give you more!
why do we try? jumping pictures always fail.
i like the lighting in the corner.

you can call me Goliath.
our personas in third grade:
overly excited orphan hair spandex outfits, kewl girl, and awkward canadian girl with a half ponytail.
sweet little erica!
she was adopted from rwanda.
along with two other little children.
they are all the cutest kids you will ever encounter.

^^ erica told us to.
she bows down to me.

i think that's it for good.
but you never know...


Katie said...

LUCKY! I haven't met Rachel's new siblings yet! =P I am still loving your pics! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I, for one, was glad to see more pictures of your big night. Your friends are special and so are you....

love ya, GR MA