Tuesday, October 28


we get to miss periods 2-6 to do a double performance of cinderella.

only three shows left! how time has flew. i might even leave my shoe somewhere....

our next play is a christmas carol. it's funny- i have already done our first two shows in the past. but they are way more fun the second time.


• m e g • said...

Oh oh!
For fun!
Everyone gets to miss school this week.
Sid misses school on Thursday for a swim meet.
I wish i was cool like you guys and was involved with school-coolness. Oh, wait- i do orchestra. yeah, i'm a geek.
Anywho, you have 6 periods!? In one day?

Katie said...

lucky! i really want to go see you in the Cinderella play! =)

Anonymous said...

who is this meg girl? im so confused