Monday, June 23

summer school p.e., day one.

only 11 more 6-hour torture days to go.

what does one day of summer school p.e. look like?
allow me to tell you.

5:50 - Wake up and get ready
7:30 - Arrive at Mission High School
7:45 - Sit for an hour while the teachers figure out what they're doing
9:30 - Begin Walk and Talk, which consists of walking around the track for two hours while talking.
10:00 - Snack.
10:10 - Play Bat Ball on the field
11:00 - Swim approximately 12 laps. But only a couple of people had their suits today, so we sat in the heat with our feet in the pool.
12:00 - "Lunch." But that means waiting in the pizza line with Steven Lo and then shoving my Lunchable Cracker Stackers down my throat as the bell rings.
12:10 - Go to wrestling room and do various exercises and stretches. This was actually quite hard.
1:30 - Go home.

It doesn't seem difficult...and you're right. But these simple activities mixed with the blazing heat for six hours exhausts you. Do you see my pain here?

[ I just want it to all end ]


Anonymous said...

if only you had stuck to water polo, you wouldn't have to even think about enduring those harsh conditions.

how is it with steven lo- the now unfitting junior?

heath(er) said...

water polo IS harsh conditions!

Katie said...

that's harsh! trust me, ur not the only one doing sweating under the blazing sun and trying to endure the heat, while trying to do excerise.