Sunday, June 15


here is the only good picture my mom got from jason's party!i really like it though.

and here are some extensive prom '08 don't hate pictures.
i didn't go with anyone, but i went to the pictures...
and here are the results...

david and i were both by chance wearing purple, so we looked like we were going together.
ohh and look at spiteful little colton in the background (:

and how here comes some cuute pictures of me and my brothers..

and thenn colton and i decided to take some pictures together
we felt like it.
creepy colton.cheesy montage of the stereotypical homecoming pose!

what fun.
now, summer, please hurry along...


Shannon said...

okay, SO CUTE!
heath i cant wait till you go to a dance. we'll go shopping.

and its really hilarious that mom 'only got 1 good picture.'

ohhhh mom.

Anonymous said...

your stockings are so long!

Katie said...

ha ha ha ha! heather u are so funny! i would so jump into pictures with random people going to prom if i had a friend with me. ;)