Friday, June 6

"ummm, i can't think of anything funny..."

the annual drama awards were held last monday.
it was so so so fun!
devyn, melissa, colton and i all took pictures after...
hahah this one's my favorite...

they raised us.

our attempt at america's next top model

devyn: proud mother
heather: sarcastic teen
colton: cool kid that jumps into pictures

the title of this post is a line from my "acceptance speech..."
there was only three people who won two awards.
one was me!
i was the only freshman. the other two were very talented juniors, so that was exciting.
i got Best Supporting Actress and Best Improv Female.
Melissa got Best Supporting Actress too.

ahhh a fly just slammed into my sliding door and bounced onto my head...then rapidly started buzzing, on my head, and flew away.
ehhhh that was creepy.

anyway... it was such a fun night.
i will miss drama one A LOT.


Jordan said...

Ha ha your little fly story at the end was so random but so funny
It made me laugh

Anonymous said...

i think the fly sotry was a bit joanna chiang circa fifth grade but apprecaited none the less. i love you woman.
- you know who this is

Shannon said...

i love your dress.

i think its perfect that you went to the drama banquet instead of the boring other one.

way to go, sis