Wednesday, June 25


s u m m e r
s c h o o l
d a y
t h r e e

today was a good day.
here are some
h i g h l i g h t s

--luke, rachel, joe, molly, toben and i got to lead the walk and talk. that's right.
--swimming + steven lo = hilarious
--bat ball was not as boring!
--joe and i saw all our cheerleader friends again (we're so popular)
--steven lo rambled forever about how he didn't want to be judged for not passing the swim test
--joe had two little hand towels instead of a regular sized towel. it was a good source of laughter.
--now i am listening to the beautiful music on my sister's laptop. mmmmm.

all in all....great day.
3/12 done, 9/12 to go.
or, reduced, we have 1/4 done, 3/4 to go.
go math.


Anonymous said...

but...steven lo doesnt swim. but i need to see this.

-your lover, zeinah

Katie said...

ha ha ha! sounds like summer school is going great 4 u! =D