Tuesday, June 17

no creo en el jamas

have you met my favorite latin singer?

his name is juanes.
and we listen to him every day in spanish.
& h e i s a m a z i n g .

even though his songs are en espanol...
they are still phenomenal.
and he still communicates something to you that's really powerful.

listen to him on myspace or something...
may i strongly suggest "no creo en el jamas"?
("i don't believe in never.")

and if you listen to it 12,000 times like I have...
you will learn some of the words and feel like a spanish PRO.


Katie said...

i need something like that, because i'm naturally bad at languages.

(;-_- )

he sounds pretty cool! =D

m e g ♥ said...

Haha, my spanish teacher did that too!! We listened to music in spanish ALL the time. i like it!

to your question.
Nah we're not broken up, but we aren't really "going out" either. We are best friends.. ish.. It's a long twisted confusing story. But yeah.. no touching.. woah.. that sounds so not okay. ick. No holding hands or whateva. But it's all good in the hood!

blythe said...

do you watch DESTINOS in your spanish class? we used to back in my spanish classes...oh me oh my.

happy summer!